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The bucolic setting on the river at the Cherwell Boathouse.
A visit to The Repair Shop with dad and mum. Sausage skewers at the Bosham Inn. Oxford’s famous Radcliffe Camera. Our brekkie hamper at the Vanbrugh. Excellent food at the Cherwell Boathouse and famous Henley-on-Thames.
Of course many school trips centre around this wonderful place. We all
really enjoyed every minute here.
OurWsecond side-trip was to Oxford.
e hadn’t been for many years and a city break there sounded perfect. En route we decided to stop and have lunch in Henley-on- Thames. It was lovely to discover this pretty, old town made famous by the Henley Royal Regattas that are held annually-amongst other events. Henley is a world-renowned centre for rowing. Each summer the Royal Regatta is held on Henley Reach, a naturally straight stretch of the river just north of the town. The event became "Royal" in 1851, when Prince Albert became patron of the regatta. It’s believed that the existing Thursday market, was granted by a charter of King John. A market was in existence by 1269 and the first record of Henley as a sub- stantial settlement is from 1179. Neal tells me all of our area markets have a lot of catching up to do!
Our hotel base was the upscale, luxury boutique Vanbrugh House Hotel, very centrally located on St.Michael’s Street, very close to all the action and historical sites. The baroque exterior of the Oxford hotel dates back to the 18th-century and the architect Sir John Vanbrugh who designed Vanbrugh House, as well as the spectacular Blenheim Palace! With 22 rooms, the hotel retains much of the inti- mate character of the original 17th and 18th century building, includ- ing lots of stairs! The ground floor has beautifully panelled rooms, and hidden behind the cellar walls lay traces of the original fortifications,
built to guard the city from Viking
invasions, dating back to the time
of King Alfred. The hotel also features beautiful original Delft tiling which has been acknowledged by the prestigious Oxford Ashmolean Museum. The Royal Commission on Historical Monuments mentions the painted alcove as being of ‘special interest.’
Arriving later than planned, we checked in to our spacious and well appointed luxury guest room and headed out for a local walk along Cornmarket Street with a most beautiful old tavern, shops and restaurants, before dinner. This was the busiest place we had been to recently, as it wasn’t long since England had come out of COVID limi- tations and everyone had more freedom finally, which they certainly were enjoying it in Oxford. Of course there are always students here from all over the world, with the buzz of tourism, activities, opportuni- ties and services that encompass the ethos of the beautiful, famous old College towns.
Our dinner reservations were at No.1 Ship Street, very close by. This small handsome, intimate gem of a restaurant oozed quality and proved a great dining experience and evening for us. No.1 Ship Street is Oxford's award winning, independent, 'Modern British Brasserie,’ and voted Oxfordshire's Best Restaurant for 2020.
Our shared dishes included the Lobster Bisque with Cognac, the house Terrine with rhubarb chutney and toasts, the Seared Scallops, chicken wing - (a surprise but somehow delicious textures and flavours harmonising), hazelnut, bacon, and sauce vierge. This followed by a dry aged Sirloin we shared, and swapped out the triple cooked chips for the perfect minted Jersey Royal baby potatoes. The beautifully presented slice of chocolate mousse cake with vanilla and raspberry, came with a
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