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Here is the latest in what’s new in the restaurant scene, always changing! For more updates please visit our Facebook page or as we will keep you posted as things develop.
Anna Maria Island Wines
humidor containing over 4,000 cigars from a Cuban grown seed and all will be rolled locally to ensure freshness. Angela is purchasing a tobacco plantation in Nicaragua as well. Wine, cigars, what else here? How about coffee? She is also investing in a coffee plantation in Honduras and in the meantime is working locally with Venice Roasters and they have procured a few blends of coffees to sell. The Beach House Blend is a mix of coffees from Guatemala, Columbia and Brazil that has been very popular. Also featured are a variety of teas from the Orlando Specialty Tea Company.
More? Of course as brews are also available from Florida Beer Co., Florida Avenue Beers, Cigar Brewing and Islamorada Beer, all are local so no beer shortages here!
Finally be sure to check out their bath products for women and men, that are locally harvested, with salt from Florida beaches in their Anna Maria Bathtime Lotions that are thick,
smooth and luxurious! For the guys they feature Mistral from France in a variety of soaps and colognes along with the popular Duke Cannon line.
Anna Maria Island Wines 425 Pine Avenue, Anna Maria 941-242-1772
Very new to Anna Maria is entrepreneur Angela
Albrecht who recently move to the Sunshine State from New Jersey to pursue a mixture of
new businesses all at one cool location. In the hip, new Pineapple Market Place is where you will find Anna Maria Island Wines along with 30 other vendors offering a variety of neat and unusual goods and products. Owners Tara and Marsha have done a wonderful job in building out the property behind the popular Waffle Press and have garnered quite a following in a short time.
Anna Maria Island Wines specializes in fruit-infused wines made with grapes from South America, Chile and France from a wine- maker called Aspirations in Tampa, who makes these fruit-infused wine in stainless steel vats with a lower sulfite percentage, that Floridians seem to love. All are locally made, for example the Tropical Splash, a Riesling base, infused with mango, guava, pineapple and banana while the Cabernet uses blackberry, black currants and cherry while the Rosé is a strawberry infusion. A very different process and all have been extremely popular with locals and tourists alike at the store. The labels are designed by Angela as well as The Artist Robert Johnson of Anna Maria Island who did the Cabernet and Chardonnay labels.
Also coming here is the Anna Maria Island Cigars with a huge
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